Why use SEO?

So why is it that website owners should perform basic SEO techniques on their website? Well the aim of most websites owners is to have visitors come and view their website and either read the information on that website or to buy a product or service from the website.

So how do these visitors get to the website? Well they may type the url (website address) directly into their browser, taking them straight to the website. They may have followed a link from another website or they may have discovered the website through a search engine like Google.

When we use search engines, we type in keywords that describe the website or information we are looking for. So using SEO techniques will help your website get found for the correct keywords. This will then lead to people who have never heard of your website before, finding it and fulfilling whatever purpose your website has been created for.

If your website has been designed badly or without SEO in mind, then there is a strong possibility that no new visitors will ever find your website through the search engines.

So what SEO keywords should I use?

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