Offsite SEO

Once you have made sure your website is up to scratch with original relevant content and your site is SEO friendly, then it is time to think about the Offsite side of your SEO.

SEO is a bit of a popularity contest and the aim is to get relevant and high quality back links to your website that include your chosen keywords in the anchor text.

Many links on the internet are a waste as they will contain the text “click here” or “visit the website”. These aren’t telling Google what the target website is about, so not adding any value to that backlink. If i gained a backlink from a fellow SEO site with the anchor text “SEO for Dummies” rather than “Click Here”, then i will stand a better chance of ranking for my keyword.

You should also be aware of the No-follow tag, this piece of code can turn an amazing link into a useless link, well in terms of SEO. When a No-follow tag is added to a backlink, it lets Google know that while it should follow the link it doesn’t want to pass on any of its page rank or link juice. Whatever you want to call it, a no-followed link may still be good for allowing a visitor to pass between sites, it is no good for SEO. Many webmasters will no-follow links in paid advertising or when they link out to external sources.

So how can you get good backlinks to your website. Well if your site is well established and has exisiting backlinks, you could contact those sites owners and request the links are made more SEO friendly and include keywords. But if your site is unknown and you are just starting out then you are going to have to hussle. Contact any friends you know that may own websites that are relevant to your subject and request a back link. Many people will ask for a link back to their site which is all well and good, but these are called recipricol links and are not as powerfull as one way links. Google is clever and can tell that a two way link between websites is not as strong as a natural one way link to your site.

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